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The TriFan 600 – A New Type of Aircraft

  • Trifan 600
  • The TriFan 600 elegantly blends the best of a business jet and a helicopter into one revolutionary aircraft​

    • Long Range

      Fly long distance in pressurized comfort

    • Saves Time

      Twice the speed of most conventional helicopters

    • Uses Existing Infrastructure

      No waiting for new regulations or construction

Changing the Game

  • Take off vertically like a helicopter

    Trifan 600

    Front fans transitioned up, rear fan open

  • Fly fast and far like an airplane

    Trifan 600

    Front fans transitioned forward, rear fan closed

Our Path to Sustainability

XTI is firmly committed to taking aviation towards a sustainable future. We are adopting a measured-risk phased approach – first bringing to market a unique game-changing aircraft, while continuing our development of hybrid-electric, and finally all-electric propulsion as technologies mature, regulatory guidance is formulated, and infrastructure developed.

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