Defining the next era of sustainable travel

The TriFan 600 blends the best of a business jet and helicopter... in one aircraft

Disruptive Green Aviation Technology

True point-to-point travel at 2x the speed and 3x the range of a helicopter

75% lower CO2 emissions and 60% lower operating cost

  • A new type of aircraft

    An elegant, versatile machine that takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane

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      Green Technology

      CO2 reduced by 75%. Solar for ground ops - no noise, no pollution

    • insights

      Breakthrough design

      Hybrid-Electric propulsion radically reduces costs and emissions

    • star

      Superior Performance

      2x speed and 3x the range of a helicopter; cruises like an airplane - 29000 ft. at 345 mph(555 kph)

    • settings

      No additional airspace regulations required

      Utilizes existing airspace

  • Trifan 600


Discover how the vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) TriFan 600 is the future of cleantech and true Point-to-Point mobility

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