The XTI Aircraft Company team expresses our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our recently deceased colleague Michael Hinkleman.   Mike was a truly brilliant aerospace engineer and a great team member in XTI.  We miss him very much.  Mike spent much of his career with The Boeing Company, where he was an instrumental part of numerous aircraft development teams including the Boeing entrant into the Joint Strike Fighter program, the X32.  He also made significant contributions to solving problems with the F-22 fighter’s early aero performance anomalies.  Among many other important accomplishments, Mike led the design effort for two of Boeing’s UAV programs and contributed substantially to design efforts on the B787 and KC46 aircraft. 

Immediately upon assuming the reins as XTI’s chief engineer, Mike structured a development schedule for the TriFan 600 to be in the air within two years.  He also immediately saw potential for a more efficient wing design and took on the challenge of enhancing the wings, reducing surface area, lowering drag, and improving predicted cruise speed to above 300 kts. 

We honor Mike’s key contributions to the XTI project and team and will remain inspired by his amazing intellect and positive outlook, which he maintained even as he was enduring a life-ending illness.