TriFan 600

Powerful. Versatile. Economical.

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Why the TriFan 600?

  • Two aircraft for the price of one

    The best of a helicopter and business aircraft in one platform

  • Fast point-to-point ability

    Saves time over business jets, helicopters and airlines

  • Short Take Off and Landing Capability

    From very short airstrips to increase payload and range

Technology Unlocks Previous Limitations

  • XTI render
    1. Aerodynamic Advantage Optimized ducted fans provide efficient aerodynamics in hover and cruise flight
    2. Vertical Lift Capability Rear fan provides stability and power during VTOL and stows in flight
    3. Fuel-Efficient Engines Two proven powerful turboshaft engines accelerate certification timeline, with a path to zero emissions
    4. 'Fly By Wire’ Duct Controls Reduces pilot workload and enhances stability
    5. Pressurized Comfort Pressurized fuselage enhances passenger experience
    6. Excellent Visibility Optimized windows augmented with cameras improve pilot’s situational awareness



Pilot + up to 6 passengers

Cruise Speed

300 knots (345 mph/555kph)

Cruise Altitude

25,000 ft

VTOL Range

(vertical takeoff and landing)

600 nm (700 sm/1100 km)

(helipad to helipad)

CTOL Range

(conventional takeoff and landing)

750 nm (850 sm/1400 km)

(airport to helipad/airport)


(short takeoff and landing)

Allows operations from very short runways with front fans in intermediate positions


Two fuel-efficient turboshaft engines with a future development path leading to zero emissions


Will be certified single-pilot IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) for flight in inclement weather and known icing

  • Extended Range

    On vertical takeoff, the TriFan 600 has a range of 700 miles (with 45 minutes IFR reserve) – that’s 2x the range of most helicopters, and 7x the range of most battery-only eVTOL aircraft under development.

    • Manhattan
    • Dallas
    • San Francisco

    If a conventional takeoff is used, range increases to 850 miles.

    If a conventional takeoff is used, the range increases to 850 miles

  • Fit In While You Stand Out

    The TriFan 600 operates from helipads, airports, or any improved surface - no need for new infrastructure or airspace regulations

Designed for Versatility

Executive – Commuter – Air Medical

Executive – Commuter – Air Medical

Executive – Commuter – Air Medical

  • Fly Farther
    Save Time
    Save Money