• Technology Reimagined

    Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) capability for fixed-wing aircraft has been a dream for a hundred years

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A revolutionary configuration

  • XTI’s innovative development of proven technologies creates a revolutionary configuration. The TriFan 600 is both elegant and highly functional. It is visually distinguished by a sleek exterior, and three ducted fans in place of large diameter helicopter rotors. The two ducted fans in the wings pivot to enable the aircraft to transition from hover to forward flight and back again for landing.

  • Our Cleantech design results in sweeping benefits - 40% lower CO2 emissions, 50% lower operating costs, and ~50% lower noise compared to similar aircraft or helicopters. And as batteries and hydrogen technologies evolve, we will be ready to incorporate the best solution to achieve our goal of ZERO EMISSIONS without compromising performance.

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  • 1. Carbon Fiber Structure

    Lighter weight and greater design flexibility

  • 2. Electric Motors

    No complex gear boxes or drive shafts

  • 3. Embedded Solar Film

    For ground power - no noise pollution, zero emissions, low ops cost

  • 4. Full Airframe Parachute

    100% reliability, installed in hundreds of aircraft

  • 5. GE Catalyst Engine

    Lightweight, fuel efficient; generators power electric motors

  • 6. Energy Storage Unit

    3 battery packs that provide supplemental power in vertical mode; recharged in flight

  • 7. 'Fly By Wire' Controls

    Reduced pilot workload and stability enhancement

Key Facts

  • Capacity Pilot + 5 passengers
    Time To Max Altitude ~11 minutes
    Flight Controls Fly-by-wire
    VTOL Range
    (vertical takeoff and landing)
    670 nm (770 sm/1240 km)
    (helipad to helipad)
    2x helicopter range
    CTOL Range
    (conventional takeoff and landing)
    1200 nm (1300 sm/2200 km)
    3x helicopter range
  • Max Cruise Speed 300 knots (345 mph/555 kph)
    2x helicopter speed
    Max Cruise Altitude 29,000ft (above predominant weather)
    Vertical Lift 3 ducted fans
    Propulsion Hybrid Electric Drive initially - 40% lower CO2 emissions
    Transitioning to all-electric or hydrogen fuel cells - Zero Emissions
  • Extended range

    On vertical takeoff, the TriFan 600 has a range of 670nm - that's 2x helicopter range, and 6x the range of most battery-only VTOL aircraft under development

    • Manhattan
    • Dallas
    • San Francisco

    If a conventional takeoff is used, the range is almost doubled to 1200nm

    If a conventional takeoff is used, the range is almost doubled to 1200nm

Fly farther. Save time. Save money.

What was unimaginable is now possible. If that excites you or your organization, explore placing an order

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